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Inplace: Multi-purpose stand and organizer

Coming soon with a special offer

Inplace is the perfect stand and organizer for any smart device and everyday items.

Simple and ergonomically designed

Every angle and curvature is perfectly designed for function, simplicity and comfort.

Seamless flow

Inplace blends with your work space and creates a neat environment.

User scenario variety

Mix and match with a tablet, smartphone, memo, notebook, sunglasses, key chain, and small objects etc., Inplace can be utilized in variety of ways.

Features and benefits

Proper size

Perfect and useful size for any kind of smart device, book, diary, memo pad, and small objects.

280mm (width) X 100mm (height) X 170mm (depth) 

Natural matte color variation 

It comes with four color, white, gray, black, and navy.

Ergonomically angled

Each angle is purposefully placed and designed.

2 adjustable angles & heights

For optimal usability, it provides two kinds of viewing angles for and heights for your device. 

Cable management

Through the hole inside of the box, the smart device get charged perfectly without cable visibility.

Adjustable side positioning

The device stand could be moved from left to right on both

Product specification


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Coming soon with a special offer

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