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The Glued Notepad


The glued notepad is designed with remoistenable glued line. With this glued line of the notepad, you can edit and paste your note, doodle, to-do-list and daily plan wirtten on the notepad to other notebook. Without the hassle of finding glue, tape or a paper clip, you will use it conveniently. Yes, it could be similar to sticky notepad, however it would be a new perspective and a useful way toward using memo pad. 

The glued notebook
self-adhesive notepad
self-adhesive notepad

Ordinarily, you can use this notepad as a normal memo pad, but when you need to paste your thoughts, written on the notepad, in order to arrange them to other notebooks, you can use the notepad as self-adhesive paper. There could be lots of meaningful writing constantly being created in the midst of our normal lives. Through this notepad, a common recorder could be turned into a valuable history. 

The glued notebook

 Remoistenable Glue (Lick & Stick)

glued line
glued notebook

The remoistenable glue is water-based, nontoxic, and eco-friendly. It is comparable to  the lickable glue on an envelope’s flap and the back of a stamp, After wetting the glued line of the paper, the paper can easily be stuck on the notebook.

self-adhesive notepad
self-adhesive notepad

Tear the pieces of paper

self-adhesive notepad

Moisten the glued line

self-adhesive notepad


These notebooks are 100% made in the USA to support our small business. A set comes with 2 notepads. Two types of notebooks for all types of people. 

Lined & Guled

The glued notepad
The glued notebook pattern

Front of 1 sheet

1 sheet

Back of 1 sheet

Plain & Glued

The glued notepad
The glued notebook

Glued line

  • 3 1/8 X 5 1/2 Inch size (79 x 139.7 mm),  A set of 2 notepads

  • Soft paper cover with stamping foil (100# cover stock: black and grey)

  • 140 Pages of a notebook ( All pages glued )

  • Acid-free pages, quality lasting, White color, Smooth and 70# paper

  • Glue bound, Easy tearable pages

  • Elastic band detachable with grommet

  • 3.6 oz, light of weight


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